Teaching Philosophy

Training Methodology

  • Educational Material Delivery( for pre-course study)
  • Theory and Lectures
  • Course planning and set-up
  • Equipment Adaption and Personal Configuration
  • LANDRILLS (practice techniques dry at the dive centre)
  • Dive Planning
  • Advanced Buoyancy
  • Navigation
  • Video run through of your skills and correction
  • Run through of training videos

Minimum Course Participation

Minimum course participation is three days, but we recommend more to ensure thorough understanding and mastery of skills.

For example, TEC or SIDEMOUNT SIDEMOUNT DIVER course could be over a long weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It could also be staggered to any day of the week, provided there are 3 days in total.
This minimum program is mandatory because it is recognised by most course certifiers that less time does not give sufficient time to adequately complete the course goals set at the beginning of the course.


Certification is conditional on the successful completion of all objectives of each course, which is why the cost of certification is not included in any course or activity. Reasons for failure to meet any of the course objectives will be presented and submitted in writing to the participant. The course participant then has a maximum of one year to be re-evaluated and achieve certification without incurring further training costs, except for the costs of the evaluation and Certification.


The most important thing to our Instructors is that the student successfully completes the course and has successfully fulfilled all the objectives of the course, mastered the necessary skills and has a sound grasp of the knowledge required to safely dive with his newly acquired skills. We will strive to ensure that we use all our effort, knowledge and experience to quide our course participants through each course. Course completion only comes from Success!